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Sales process from beginning to end!

When does the sales process begin and end? This is a big question, because we need to define “what is not sales” to determine what is sales. If I search the internet I get the following definition:   “Sales ” (As defined on the internet) Sales (plural only) is activity related to selling or the amount
  • Posted by Mike Toney      Posted on September 07 , 2016
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As we discussed last Month, Significance is the highest level of the 9s for your company, and is one of the most important. At this level, you must answer the following questions for your company: What Problem do you solve better than anyone else? What is the Promise we make a client? What is the
  • Posted by Mike Toney      Posted on September 07 , 2016
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Purpose Built Prospecting

The Assumption: Everyone agrees that the cost of a prospect is less if acquired through marketing automation, right? Well, then why do so many companies fail with marketing automation? It’s for the same reason that salespeople fail with prospecting. Before we explore the root reasons, let’s explore the numbers: A common definition in today’s world
  • Posted by Mike Toney      Posted on August 02 , 2016
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