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Sales Audit

Sales audit: How Significant

The situation: An amazing marketing company invented a new approach to digital dominance for their clients. The problem was they couldn’t sell the ideas unless it was through a referral of leadership. They were spending about  $1.4 million per year with a sales team that was throwing proposals at prospects an alarming rate and NOT closing incremental business. They were growing only because the leadership was well known and could get referrals and introductions to their peers and they seemed to be good at sales, but this was not transferring to the sales team.

Who needs structure?

Imagine buying your biggest competitor and a year later being half as big as you were. Good investment? Nobody here thoughts so either. How complicated is it to merge culture, leadership and sales strategy? VERY! But the missing piece in this example wasn’t the plan or the idea it was the missing organizational migration of the structures.

When you think of structure you think of things like a bridge, house or some sort of physical device. Humans use a variety of structures to provide a context to play well together. Like a contract is a structural tools that allows both parties to align and know what happens and the consequences are before there is a breakdown. A companies values, comp-plans, org charts and reporting systems are all structural items that need to be considered when merging or growing a company.