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About Us

The Conquest Approach

Accelerating Predictable Revenue Growth


What is Important to Us?

There are so many moving parts to revenue growth! Knowing a business has more than enough profits when needed defines a healthy company.

We are committed to helping you optimize your company’s health by guiding you in:

  • Your purpose and promise
  • The problems you solve
  • Who you serve
  • The strategy to dominate
  • Systems to ensure success
  • Structures to hold it together
  • Skills to get results
  • Style your customers need

The Conquest Approach


1 Do you know why your company exists and why it’s significant to the market?


2 Can you identify your ideal target client and audience? Do you know which smaller segments you dominate?


3 What promises does your solution make, and what problems does it solve?


4 How are you going to market? Do you have at least five solid strategies to reach your clients?


5 How are you organizing your company and teams to keep them aligned and motivated to be significant and keep the promises and solutions to your customer?


6 Does your company (sales, support, and service) behave in a way that will guarantee enough to the right customers at the right time and retain them indefinitely?


7 Can you identify the skills needed to find, engage, close and support your customers? What objective methods do you have to determine these skills?


8 What is the personality style that will contribute to the job?

MEET our Talented TEAM

Mike Toney
CEO and Founder

Mike Toney founded Conquest Training Systems in 1997. Mike started Conquest because he is dedicated to changing the lives and businesses of his clients. Mike likes to boast, “I do this by being more committed to you than you are.” He teaches clients proven leadership and sales strategy.   Mike previously designed missile defense and satellite systems, and while on the job, created a process of “internal selling” through which he applied his exceptional communication skills as the key element for getting projects completed promptly and in an accurate and profitable manner.

Travis Gepson – Director of Development and Training

Since 2005 Travis has held sales, sales management and business development positions with 2 large privately held companies with best in class products sold at premium prices. He has refined his skills and understands what it takes to create value. Travis joined Conquest Training Systems as a student in 2015. In Conquest Training Systems and Mike Toney, Travis has found a avenue to contribute to other sales professionals through coaching. The most successful coaches have a mindset of service. As a coach, it is Travis’s goal to help other sales people reach their potential.

Marc Leach

As a strategic partner to Conquest Systems, Marc brings a unique view of B2B lead generation. As VP of sales for Conquest for over 5 years, Marc and Conquest agreed to contribute to clients by providing marketing experts with lead generation.  Nobody understand the relationship between marketing, sales and your prospects better.

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