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Solutions: the fourth of Nine “S’s”

When I think of prospecting, I think of those old gold miners coming to pan for gold. And in business, not much as changed. Sales people dig for prospects, and then put them through a sieve. Most prospective customers wash away like sand. But a certain percentage stays in the pan, and are then processed
  • Posted by Mike Toney      Posted on November 29 , 2016
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Society and Segmentation (the 2nd and 3rd S)

Fisherman, I mean the true dye in the wool, serious fisherman have a secret that often they will take to the grave. It is a secret that is born from experimentation, experience, and most importantly success. It is something they guard from other fisherman, and they will go to great lengths to do so. What
  • Posted by Mike Toney      Posted on October 12 , 2016
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Stage 1: Proper Prospecting

Take a minute to ask yourself, “What do I hate when a salesperson cold calls me?” Answers vary, but you will probably notice that many items show up, including: “I hate being interrupted.” “They sound so fake.” “They act like they know me.” “They presume to know what I need.” “They act like used car
  • Posted by Mike Toney      Posted on October 12 , 2016
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